Dr. Rachelle Langhofer

Dr. Langhofer received her Ph.D. from Seattle Pacific University, she competed her internship at Monroe Correctional Center. After obtaining her license as a psychologist she worked in a group practice in Tacoma for a number of years, she then opened her own practice in Lacey- until she joined Simply Thrive. 

A word from Dr. Langhofer:

My approach is based on a cognitive behavioral, existential, and feministic frameworks. I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is a key to therapeutic change. My work emphasizes bio-psycho-social factors. I see clients as coming from nested systems that impact our personal experiences, ways of seeing things, and behaviors. I use a local clinical scientist model that requires me to be aware of new research, world issues, and cultural factors. I usually take notes during our meetings. I utilize aspects of cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and existential approaches to treatment to help my clients. This means that sometimes we focus on the here and now and functionality in the present and sometimes we look at the past to either inform the present or work through specific areas of cognition or behavior. 

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