As part of our commitment to the future of the field of therapy and to developing future therapists, Simply Thrive Psychotherapy routinely hosts practicum students and interns who are in programs designed to teach the next generation of counselors and therapists. As part of these programs, students must gain real world experience working with clients before they are able to become fully licensed, independent clinicians. 

The benefits of engaging in therapy with our intern students:

Because the interns are still students and require active supervision, we provide their services free of charge to the community!

Interns are actively engaged in the learning process and are learning how to become therapists- this can be an exciting time for an intern and to be a client of an intern- as interns tend to have a fresh perspective on the idea of mental health issues. 

While many interns tend to be younger in their life, some interns come into the field of counseling and psychology after other life experiences- and they bring the wisdom and knowledge of this other life experience with them into the therapy room. Many of the students who come to this area for training have had previous military experience. 

The "catch" to free therapy:

The interns are with our clinic for 2 semesters- this is 30 weeks. When you choose to work with an intern that work has an end date to it. 

So, what happens at the end of the 30 weeks? 

It depends- some people may choose to end therapy at this time, if more therapy is needed or desired then this will be discussed and options for transferring to another therapist can be explored. 

In addition:

People who choose to see practicum students and interns are also contributing to the future of the field of therapy and the development of future therapists- as all of us who are currently in the field are eternally grateful to those training places and individuals who taught us how to be therapists by allowing us to learn through our interactions with our very first clients! 

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