Annie Koznarek

I believe our wounds do not define who we are, but they do have a story to tell. I practice a trauma-informed approach to therapy with my clients. I utilize a narrative therapeutic approach through a lens of attachment, while also incorporating feminist and multicultural perspectives. I believe so much of the human experience; like trauma, grief, and shame, is held in the body. I incorporate somatic work into my therapeutic practice to help clients explore areas in their bodies where they may be feeling stuck, to aid in the work of moving through unprocessed trauma, and to explore how their bodies may be impacted by holding onto past pain. I utilize a somatic approach to collaboratively explore different ways of moving or processing those emotions, to encourage more interconnectedness between the body, heart, and mind, while also assisting individuals to find alternative ways of experiencing grounded-ness in their bodies. I feel that our worlds are made up of a multitude of interpersonal ecosystems and explore this by utilizing a systemic approach to therapy with individuals, couples, and families. I believe that there are many parts of ourselves woven together and it feels important to explore different ways to be in touch with those different aspects of ourselves. I incorporate Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) perspectives into my work with both individuals and couples to find alternative ways to explore self-compassion, empathy, and cohesion between these parts.

I practice therapy through the lenses of social justice, anti-oppression, while offering health at every size (HAES) and LGBTQIA+ affirming care. I want to work in solidarity with indigenous communities, disability justice, and across class lines. I feel that we are shaped by the many layers of our lived experiences and take this into account with my therapeutic practice by exploring the whole picture that individual's or family's lives paint. I am interested in working with clients in the areas of grief and loss, life transitions, questions around gender and sexual identity, polyamory or other non-monogamous relationship structures, trauma, and attachment. I would like to work with individuals, couples, families, and non-monogamous relationship structures that include more than two individuals. It is important for my clients to feel like the work we do together is accessible for growth by collaboratively creating and maintaining an aspect of emotional safety. I do this by opening a space that fosters personal agency and autonomy by encouraging an environment of radical consent. I believe individuals are the experts in their lives. As someone who is training to be an expert in certain aspects of mental health, I want to be utilized as a tool to help assist clients with symptom management, foster areas of personal growth, and hold things that may feel too heavy to carry alone. I want to walk alongside my clients in their mental health journeys, not in front of them.

I am a graduate student at Saint Martin’s University where I am seeking out a Marriage and Family licensure (LMFT). I received my bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College where I studied photography, agriculture, and bioethics. I completed the 40 Hour Washington Domestic Violence Counseling and Advocate Training Certificate for the organization SafePlace in Olympia Washington. I spent my time with that organization volunteering at the shelter and leading a weekly self-care group for shelter residents. Outside of school and work I enjoy spending time in nature, rock climbing, singing karaoke, taking road trips, camping, identifying plants, and spending quality time with loved ones, friends, and in community.

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