Logan Porter

History & Education: 

Logan served in USAF as a logistician. His time in the service served as a motivator to understand human suffering and flourishing. Logan wanted to know what makes a person resilient and healthy. Logan graduated from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis in counseling psychology. During that time, he also became a WA State Certified Mediator and currently works as a family mediator. Logan is a certified counselor and is completing their masters degree in counseling at Saint Martin's University.

Approach to treatment:  

It's our responsibility to create our life's work in something we are passionate about because that is the most effective way we can create happiness in our life. Everything hinges upon how one uses attention.If it is to be a positive force in our lives, it must be tempered with wisdom and moderation. Therapy provides people a chance to create opportunities in times of conflict. I enjoy holding a variety of spaces for people who are need. I believe everything is interconnected. How we feel, what we eat, who is in our community all plays a part in our well-being. My hope is to instill resiliency, hope and humanity back into those who thought things to be lost.

I work with people who are experiencing hard transitions in life or are experiencing stress, trauma, grief, and loss. I enjoy working with people who are interested in finding more meaning in life or wish to build more self-awareness or behavior modification for a more flourishing life. I am interested in working with people who have issues in relationships or anger. Some therapeutic techniques I use are motivational interview, rational emotive behavioral therapy, positive psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy. Other techniques I am interested in are acceptance and commitment therapy, logotherapy, EMDR, attachment based therapy  

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