Becoming a Client

            Currently not accepting new clients for anything other than medication management.

How to become a client of Simply Thrive Psychotherapy, PLLC, otherwise known as the intake process!

Deciding to start therapy can be a daunting process in itself, then you have to find a therapist and think about insurance coverage and out of pocket costs, while struggling with all the things that made you think about seeking therapy in the first place!

At Simply Thrive Psychotherapy, PLLC we have created an intake process, that may seem daunting at first, but is designed to accomplish the following:

1. Verify insurance benefits and inform prospective clients of their copays, co-insurance, deductibles and any other out of pocket costs associated with therapy services.

2. Match the prospective client with the best possible clinician fit.

3. Complete client paperwork and schedule your first session!

What does this process look like and what can I expect as a prospective client?

The first step is to reach out to us, by calling (360-878-9526) or sending an email to us at [email protected]

-If you are emailing us, please provide: your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, name of insurance carrier, insurance policy number, who is the subscriber (you, spouse, parent)- if you are not the subscriber we need the date of birth and address of the subscriber. 

Please know that email is not a confidential communication and if you are uncomfortable in providing this information over email you can call the office at 360-878-9526.

After you make the initial contact, we will email you a screening form , this form will come from Simply Thrive Psychotherapy. When you complete the screening form the information you provided, along with your insurance (as not all providers are on every insurance panel) and your availability will be reviewed to determine if there is a good fit with a clinician at the clinic. 

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a requested provider who may not be taking new clients, or the schedule of the provider is not a good fit.

If we determine that there is a good fit between your needs and a clinician at the clinic, we will verify your insurance benefits, and send you the clinic intake paperwork.

Once you complete the clinic intake paperwork, our intake specialist will call you to let you know about your insurance benefits so that you are aware of the costs associated with therapy. If you choose to schedule an initial intake session with. a clinician, we will  schedule your first session.

*Please be aware that we are only providing you with the information that your insurance company provided us, and that this information is not a guarantee of what your out of pocket costs will be, this only an estimate. We highly encourage you to call their insurance company and check to see if the clinic or specific provider is in-network and what your expected costs will be for therapy. This is ultimately the client's responsibility.

COVID-19- UPDATE: (July 22, 2021)

We are continuing to see clients in person at the office and via tele-health services over We are no longer screening for COVID-19 symptoms, however if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19- please switch your in-person session to tele-health or cancel your appointment until your symptoms have resolved! Thank you for helping to keep everyone healthy!

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