Taylor Allen

Hello! My name is Taylor Allen (she/her) and I am in the second year of my Masters in Social Work at Western New Mexico University. I chose to go into social work because I believe in the importance of advocacy at all levels. Whether it's advocating for clients at the individual level or advocating for constituents at the community level, we all deserve the opportunity to share our voices, experiences and journeys that make us unique individuals. My two areas of focus throughout my program have been policy and clinical work. I believe in holding space for clients and providing a healthy environment that is safe and allows the heart and mind to grow. My experience in the field includes co-developing a sexual violence prevention pilot program for middle schools across Washington State. I specialized working with LGBTQIA+ youth and ensuring their voices and opinions regarding sexual violence prevention were incorporated at a state level.

My work is applied through a trauma-informed lens and I believe in an evidence-based practice centered around the idea that many systems inform the life experience of each person. My clinical interests include working with youth, young adults, survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, and anyone wanting to start their healing journey. As a social worker, I believe that some of life's greatest struggles should be met with empathy. I believe in the importance of empowering an individual by exploring their own strengths. I have a special interest in working with the LGBTQIA+ community and people experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma. Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their quality of life and I want to support you on your journey.