COVID-19 community outreach

COVID-19 Community Outreach Opportunities

Many of us are unemployed or working reduced hours due to COVID-19. If this has happened to you and you are seeking ways to alleviate “cabin fever” you can get involved with community outreach. If you are interested, we have compiled a list of wonderful volunteer, advocacy, and donation opportunities to help our communities weather this pandemic. We are stronger together!

Donations - Thurston County Community response fund -

Catholic Community Services

Seattle Art Community Donation Fund

Seattle Community Music Teachers Lost Income Fund

Article listing ways to support the art community

WA State Art Community COVID-19 Donation Fund

WA State Defenders Association

Volunteer Opportunities - You could join your neighborhood’s Facebook or community page in order to find out who needs help close to you. Be sure to respect the 6 foot distance rule, but you can call or knock on your elderly neighbors door to ask if they need food, rides or other assistance.

Contact your local Food Bank and ask if they need volunteers to package or deliver food.

Contact your local senior centers, churches, and religious centers to see what support they can use in this time.

Consider purchasing from local small businesses that are still open. Order takeout from a local restaurant instead of a chain, if you can afford to. Order books, movies, other entertainment online from local businesses that may still be operating in a digital capacity.

Catholic Community Services

WA State list of main areas of need for donations and volunteers

WA State Community Outreach Program

Thurston County Food Bank

Meals on Wheels Driver Volunteer Page

Emergency Food Boxing and Delivery

Advocacy Opportunities - A Gray’s Harbor based workers advocacy group

A list of ways to help advocate for those in our community with disabilities who are affected by this pandemic.

Olympia, WA List of Victim Support Numbers

Safeway is providing a forum for children to submit letters or drawings to seniors isolated from families during the pandemic.

Many of our senior citizens are isolated from the rest of the community for their safety during this pandemic. You can reach out to them by contacting your local nursing homes and ask if you or your children can mail them letters, notes, drawings or pictures.